Amit Acharyya, Mavuduru Neehar and Ganesh R. Naik
In Proceedings of IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS) , 24-27 May 2015 , Lisbon, Portugal , Pages 69-72.
Publication year: 2015

In this paper we propose an accurate clustering algorithm as the necessary step of the Single Channel Independent Component Analysis (SCICA) in the context of the fast extraction of protein profiles from the mass spectra (MALDI-TOF) data. In general K-means clustering is employed for clustering of the basis vectors. However given its iterative and statistical nature, convergence to the same clusters for the same data sets is not always guaranteed making it inaccurate, especially in protein-profiling where reliability of the bio-marker based disease detection and diagnosis depend immensely on the reliability of the clustering algorithm. Furthermore the proposed algorithm does not involve any arithmetic computations helping expedite the entire SCICA process.