Ganesh R Naik
InTech, ISBN 978-953-51-0782-8, 356 pages
Publication year: 2012

Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is a signal-processing method to extract independent sources given only observed data that are mixtures of the unknown sources. Recently, Blind Source Separation (BSS) by ICA has received considerable attention because of its potential signal-processing applications such as speech enhancement systems, image processing, telecommunications, medical signal processing and several data mining issues. This book brings the state-of-the-art of some of the most important current research of ICA related to Audio and Biomedical signal processing applications. The book is partly a textbook and partly a monograph. It is a textbook because it gives a detailed introduction to ICA applications. It is simultaneously a monograph because it presents several new results, concepts and further developments, which are brought together and published in the book.