Ganesh R. Naik, Dinesh K Kumar
Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology, Volume 12, Issue 04, Pages 1250078, Publisher World Scientific, Journal Ranking Q3, Impact Factor 0.8
Publication year: 2012

In the recent past, blind source separation (BSS) algorithms using multivariate statistical data analysis technique have been successfully used for source identification and separation in the field of biomedical and statistical signal processing. Recently numbers of different BSS techniques have been developed. With BSS methods being the feasible method for source separation and decomposition of biosignals, it is important to compare the different techniques and determine the most suitable method for the applications. This paper presents the performance of five BSS algorithms (SOBI, TDSEP, FastICA, JADE and Infomax) for decomposition of sEMG to identify subtle finger movements. It is observed that BSS algorithms based on second-order statistics (SOBI and TDSEP) gives better performance compared to algorithms based on higher-order statistics (FastICA, JADE and infomax).