Ganesh R. Naik, Dinesh K. Kumar and Sridhar P. Arjunan
In Proceedings of 31st IEEE EMBS Annual International conference, 3-6 Sept. 2009 , Minneapolis, MN, USA , Pages 364-367.
Publication year: 2009

This paper has experimentally verified and compared features of sEMG (Surface Electromyogram) such as ICA (Independent Component Analysis) and Fractal Dimension (FD) for identification of low level forearm muscle activities. The fractal dimension was used as a feature as reported in the literature. The normalized feature values were used as training and testing vectors for an Artificial neural network (ANN), in order to reduce inter-experimental variations. The identification accuracy using FD of four channels sEMG was 58%, and increased to 96% when the signals are separated to their independent components using ICA.