• Automatic Swallowing Detection using Airflow and Epiglottic Sensors

    Swallowing events were identified by abrupt rises in pharyngeal pressure corresponding with airflow cessation (i.e., the swallowing pause). These events were automatically extracted using a novel swallowing analysis tool that was written in MATLAB programming language (version 2021b).

    Below is a full description about the project

  • Automatic Polysomnography (PSG) Report Extractor

    Polysomnography (PSG) data scraper is an automated Matlab APP which extracts 350+ sleep parameters from clinical PSG reports into a user-friendly EXCEL format. Extract patient sleep data from 1000’s of sleep reports in a very short time.

  • Groundtruth: A MATLAB GUI for Artifact and Feature Identification in Physiological signals

    Groundtruth is a Matlab Graphical User Interface (GUI) developed for the identification of key features and artifacts within physiological signals. The ultimate aim of this GUI is to provide a simple means of assessing the performance of new sensors. Secondary, to this is providing a means of providing marked data, enabling assessment of automated artifact rejection and feature identification algorithms. The GUI allows interactive marking of artifact regions as well as simultaneous interactive identification of key features, e.g., respiration peaks in respiration signals, R-peaks in Electrocardiography signals, etc.

    Groundtruth GUI Demo: